4 Reasons to Get a Smart Lock

This blog is about something different today. It’s about smart locks. As the world adapts why not blog about it. It’s not going to happen soon but in the years to come keys will be obsolete. There will be replaced by digital locks and a locksmiths job will be more of an IT job.

Smart locks are becoming more of a norm these days compared to even a few years ago. You can combine style and automation with a smart locks. You don’t need to have some ugly looking lock on your home. Technology is on the rise and smart locks even have voice assistance, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Here’s a few reasons why you would want to get a Smart Lock fitted into your home to make your life simpler.

It’s Convenient

Convenience is what we crave in society today. Why do you have an iPhone with all the apps? It’s simply because you want everything in one place and the convenience of it. So why should you not have a smart locks? Carrying around keys almost seems like it’s something from the 1990s.

Here are some examples of when it’s very convenient to have a smart lock:

  • A night out when you’re drunk and you lost your keys. You can use the code.
  • Someone’s at your home and you’re still on the way and you need to let them in. You can pull up the app and let them in.

Those are just two examples of many.

They are Stylish

Smart Looks actually look really cool. You think that they would be big and bulky but that’s not the case. Everyone’s used to seeing your everyday lock but when you have a smart lock on your property it’s definitely a conversation starter and it just looks damn cool to have.

Plus it gives you peace of mind knowing that if you lose your keys you don’t need to worry about anything. You can still get inside.

Keeping Old Keys

If you’ve upgraded to a smart locks it doesn’t really mean you need to replace your keys. It depends on the type of smart lock you get but you can still have key access as a backup.

And this is definitely the type of lock you want to get. If there is a blackout you can potentially be locked out of your home unless you have backup power to your property. And let’s be realistic, most people don’t go that far.

Added Security

You may be thinking that a smart lock is digital and that means it can be hacked. Well that is the case, but, you need to be realistic. It’s not like the movies. You’re not some high-level government personnel who has access to some secret information. Well we hope you’re not if you’re reading this!

The reality is that the lock is on a network. And yes it could be hacked. And yes if your phone is stolen someone could access your property. But even with all that said it’s 1000 times safer than having a spare key hidden in a pile of rocks next to your front door when every burglar in history knows that’s where most people hide spare keys.

To Summarize

Smart Looks are not for everyone.

You need to think about what it is that you want for yourself and your family’s security. But at the end of the day it’s very convenient, they look very stylish, and you still have access with a traditional key as long as you buy the right lock. So you will never be locked out of your property.

If you are set on getting a smart locks the read this article on the best smart locks money can buy.